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Culinary Lessons 

Food nourishes our bodies, provides comfort, and can symbolize love and security. When children help in the preparation of a meal, they feel they are making an important contribution to the adult world. This fills them with a sense of pride, personal satisfaction, and self-confidence. The Test Kitchen Education Foundation also believes that Cooking experiences build children’s knowledge and skills in science, math, reading, and communication.


Any student wishing to learn how to cook is given culinary lessons by participating area chefs at the Elliott Test Kitchen. The Elliott Test Kitchen provides culinary lessons for those who love cooking.  These culinary lessons can be crafted according to the needs of each individual or group.  Culinary lessons can be in the form of a school setting or it can be a fun activity for a celebration such as a birthday party or other gathering.  Currently, we offer these classes for kids’ groups and adult groups.

Culinary lessons are presented by Kumar, the founder of the Test Kitchen Education Foundation, and amazing area chefs that he invites.


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