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Elliott Test Kitchen activities have become so popular with area middle school students that the Test Kitchen Education Foundation has reserved Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:30 pm for this group.  Students from area middle schools gather at Elliott Test Kitchen for various activities, which are supervised by local middle school teachers.


The TKEF wants to help students develop the best educational practices from a young age so they will enjoy their academic pursuits thereafter.  Students can get help with school work, class projects, reading assignments, or simply work with the chefs to prepare a meal for everyone.  The middle school day has created a bonding environment for students and teachers alike by providing safe and fun activities for all who participate.

Battle of the Books


“Battle of the Books” is a competition designed to incentivize reading for students nationally that is supported by the Fort Madison Community School District.  Ms. Michelle Bentler, a Teacher Librarian, has partnered with the Elliott Test Kitchen to bring middle school students together and encourage reading in a fun and competitive environment.  Students form teams and read books from a list in preparation to compete against each other by answering questions about what they have read.  This is a very popular program that inspires students to read and share their experience with others.

Science Fair Practices

The Elliott Test Kitchen has dedicated every Thursday for students who wish to participate in the Science Fair competition.  Science teachers are available on site to support students with their project and ideas.  All participants will enjoy a great meal at the end of the session to rejuvenate their hard working brains.

Bloodhound Boost


The Elliott Test Kitchen, in collaboration with the Fort Madison Middle School, offers a literacy program for 4th/5th-grade students called the “Bloodhound Boost”. Approximately twenty 4th/5th grade students benefit from this program, which will be staffed by highly skilled reading specialists. The program will include gamified experiences for students to improve their reading skills and be accompanied by targeted mini-lessons that are specially designed to meet the needs of our attendees. Students will receive a small snack prior to instruction and a specially prepared meal will be served at 5:15 pm by amazing chefs at the Test Kitchen.  Transportation from the Middle School to the Test Kitchen will be provided by the Fort Madison Community School District.

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